Connections to a Cause: The Millennial Way of Charity

The insight led Mr. Adam to start Watsi, a digitally focused health nonprofit that is helping to redefine charitable giving for millennials, in part by replicating online that kind of direct connection between patient and donor. “It seemed crazy to me that there were all of these large nonprofits out there, but it felt like there […]

Disabled couple. Is/should this be normal?

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I'm getting married in three months and right now I'm starting to question everything. We're both disabled and are expecting our support needs to change massively once we get hitched. He literally has a team of support workers. As in, at least four people including live-in overnight carer. My family and I have been screaming for support for decades. The only way I'm getting any support at all is by marrying into it. He can't drive and thinks he never will. I'm finally working towards my restricted license at 28. The only way he's getting transport is to marry into it. I'm physically disabled with a vertical driveway and two flights of stairs to my front door. He owns his own house. The only way I can get disability accessible housing, let alone own one in my lifetime is to marry into it. Sometimes I'm convinced this is an arranged marriage of convenience.

His team were surprised I've never heard of some of the supports he has…. Read More

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