rant towards arkansas "works" program.

rant towards arkansas "works" program.

So I'm not on disability yet, however I do have one surgeon, and another specialist backing me up for disability.

Now what I'm ranting about in the mean time while I wait to get approved I'm on the medicaid program through my state. I received one letter stating that I must complete 80 hours a month work through their program or you know if you're physically unable to as I am you can request a hearing…I did…nothing…I get another letter I call this time they say they will call back with a hearing date…nothing.

So finally I got another letter stating that I am non compliant with this month…Mother fucker what?!

I've been trying and trying for a hearing but you never get a response back. It's pissing me off beyond belief.

I get this is a good thing for many as it can actually help those who lost their jobs to eventually find jobs but for those who are actually disabled and when we can't get a response to a hearing it means it's truly poorly implemented.

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