When I Realized I Was an 'Invisible Victim' of Domestic Violence

When I Realized I Was an 'Invisible Victim' of Domestic Violence

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I was never physically or sexually abused as a child. For years, I told myself that my life could have been worse, that I did not have it “that bad.”

Throughout my four years in college studying social work, many of my classes discussed different, difficult topics, domestic violence being one of them. It was in those classes I learned that I was considered an “invisible victim” of domestic violence. I was never abused myself, but I witnessed the screaming, throwing things, pushing, hitting, all while I tried to get between my parents, yelling at them to stop.

The Childhood Domestic Violence Association estimates that five million children witness domestic violence every year in the United States and that 40 million adult Americans grew up living with domestic violence in their households. This is something so many people go through, yet I’ve never heard anyone else talk about or share their experiences. I could list statistics… Read More

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