The Girl With the Invisible Disability

The Girl With the Invisible Disability

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If you’ve ever met me before, you probably see me as a well-rounded, independent, capable woman. You may even think I have my shit together. But if I were to show you the full picture, that beautiful image you have created of me in your head would be shattered. It would be shattered by stigma, assumptions and judgments. I’ve spent many years honing this image — shoving things under the rug and pretending to be perfect. Could you truly love and accept the flawed human being that I am?

I think everyone can relate to this struggle on some level. We all strive for this unattainable level of perfection and are often our own worst critics. But what happens when the rug gets pulled and all your open wounds are exposed? What happens when you just can’t fight it anymore? I’ll tell you what happens — you get labeled as “disabled.”

When you hear the word disabled, you probably immediately think of someone who cannot see or is missin… Read More

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