‘Sanctuary Saturdays’ Might Be the Self-Care Practice You Need

‘Sanctuary Saturdays’ Might Be the Self-Care Practice You Need

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Last year, I had the pleasure of meeting Ashley, an amazing human being and yoga teacher. We talked a lot about yoga, life and my goals. I realized by talking to her how isolated I was as a yoga teacher because there are so few yoga teachers online. As a result, it’s very difficult to find someone who can relate to the challenges I face on a daily basis as a yoga teacher. It is also very easy to try to do everything yourself and experience burnout.

I told her about my Saturday routine and she named it “Sanctuary Saturdays.” On Saturdays, I unplug and try to do as little as possible. Sometimes I rest all day. Sometimes, I engage in radical self-care. A few months later, she told me how she was trying out my idea of Sanctuary Saturdays. She said that since she began indulging in this routine, she had so much more energy and felt more grounded and connected.

You too can reap the benefits of Sanctuary Saturdays because today, I will t… Read More

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