RE: Depression

RE: Depression

Hey guys. First post here so I am new. I have some questions regarding SSDI(?) due to depression.

I have suffered with depression since I was about 12, only being formally diagnosed at age 16, along with anxiety + "pure O" related OCD by (at this point–age 26) two therapists, one bipolar specialist (my bipolar diagnosis is null now so I'm not sure it counts), and one psychiatrist. Depression and anxiety happen to be what affect me most though.

I have looked into disability in the past because my old therapist had suggested it because my depression hinders so much of what I do on a day-to-day basis. I have a job currently but I feel that my "faking it" can only go so far and I am falling again. I am stressed, unhappy and constantly crying, even in my workplace. I am with a new therapist since October after a three year gap and I am trying to make things right with myself, but I am struggling severely with my intrusive thoughts and my outbursts.

I have read up on receiving disability for depression/anxiety in the past and have seen a lot of negative feedback. People getting denied several times, getting denied for being articulate about their disorder, etc.

I am lost on where to start this process and confused on who to go to regarding getting the ball rolling. Any feedback + advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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