Charis Bible College demonized the word Dyslexia

Charis Bible College demonized the word Dyslexia

Charis Bible College seems not to understand what “condemning themselves,” nor what human-resources means (Charis Staff, 2019). However, after reading their most recent post on a new type of dyslexia, it is safe to say that people should be concerned. The first image the reader is greeted with is a cluster of blocks with various letters. This is commonly seen when people want to represent the reading condition, the dyslexia community often use this type of visual imagery as well. A picture is worth a thousand words and there is only one this institution is associating with "Satan" (religious antagonist) throughout the text (Charis Staff, 2019). The writer failed to research dyslexia and simply gave an archaic, stereotypical and thoughtless definition of dyslexia. If they believe, using the word “spiritual” in front of dyslexia is not going to cause offense or harm, they are wrong: The last thing dyslexic individuals need is to have their condition demonized simply because of ignorance and prejudice: “A dyslexic Christian sees…” (Charis Staff, 2019). This is something the SLD population is already dealing with daily. Children should not be ashamed to advocate for themselves, because they are dyslexic and fear the word will bring retaliation. It is not surprising that this institution is unaccredited, but they are connected and have influence within their communities. Society does not need bias being taught to others, with the belief that it is conclusive.


Charis Staff. (2019, February 6). 1 big lie guaranteed to cause spiritual dyslexia. Retrieved from

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